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Distros & 1-Click Apps

Linux Distributions & One-Click Install Apps

All of your favorite Linux distributions are supported, including Ubuntu, the most popular distro at XWEBHosting. Additionally, install your favorite applications on your cloud server with a click of a button. When creating a droplet, just click on the 'Applications' tab and your app will be live on your droplet in 55 seconds.

Linux Distributions





One-Click Applications

Ruby on Rails

One-click install Rails and upload your app. It's that simple. The one-click Rails image has Nginx, Unicorn, and MySQL pre-configured to serve your application at high speeds.


Launch a WordPress site online in 55 seconds on a cloud server. After creating a Droplet, access your WordPress installation by your domain name or Droplet IP Address.

LAMP Stack

Start up your server with the basics with the one-click LAMP Droplet. Apache, MySQL, PHP are all installed and set up on a fresh Droplet in 55 seconds.


Create and run services as containers with Docker in the time it takes to spin up a server. Create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application.


Ghost focuses on providing users with an easy and elegant way to write and publish their content online. Spin up a Ghost blog on a Cyclone droplet in 55 seconds.


Dokku is a mini-Heroku powered by Docker written in less than 100 lines of Bash. Spin up a Dokku droplet and push Heroku compatible applications via Git.


A must-have one click images that provides a scalable yet simple starting point for full stack Javascript web development. Spin up a MEAN Droplet in 55 seconds.


Redmine is an open source project management and bug-tracking tool. Spin up a Redmine Droplet to zap bugs and manage your projects easily.