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Load Balancers

XWEBHosting Load Balancers

Distribute Load Evenly Across Two or More Servers

Create a Redundant, Fault-Tolerant Hosting Environment

With XWEBHosting Load Balancers, your website will be capable of handling the most popular of media events, viral campaigns and social networking trends. Load Balancers provide increased performance to your website by distributing traffic efficiently to multiple servers, and create a more robust and fault-tolerant system.

Fully Managed

XWEBHosting load balancers are fully managed by our Noble Support® network engineers. From planning to implementation, administration to monitoring, XWEBHosting load balancers help your site perform under any demand so that you can focus on your site’s content, rather than how it’s being hosted.

Distribute Traffic Geographically with StingRay Global Load Balancing

Businesses who rely on constant availability can benefit from XWEBHosting's global load balancing, available for an additional fee on both our StingRay Shared and StingRay Dedicated load balancers. Allowing the distribution of traffic across locations based on availability, performance, and user-defined rules, global load balancing can be instantly deployed using our Cyclone Servers and used in conjunction with the XWEBHosting Content Delivery Network. Global Load Balancing is configurable in two modes:

Active-Passive Mode
Datacenter A gets nominated as the active location for each service that is being load balanced. Datacenter B remains idle until Datacenter A goes offline or reports as down, then Datacenter B takes over as the active location. This allows for automatic failover and all requests are routed to the formerly passive, now active, Datacenter B.
Active-Active Mode
Datacenter A and Datacenter B are both nominated as active and all requests are load balanced to either location depending on geographic proximity of the client.

StingRay Shared is a software solution running on redundant clusters at each one of our Datacenters in different geographic regions and is available for an additional fee. While StingRay Dedicated Global Load Balancing is deployed on servers you choose, in clusters of two or as individual servers, with appropriate licensing.

Both StingRay Shared and StingRay Dedicated provide business continuity, improved speeds and enhanced customer experiences even if one location experiences an outage.

Compare Load Balancer Offerings

StingRay Load Balancer
High Availability at an Affordable Price

XWEBHosting StingRay shared load balancers are a cost-effective solution for creating high-performance and easily scalable websites. For sites that grow beyond a single web server, a StingRay shared load balancer is the perfect addition.

Dedicated StingRay Load Balancer
Fully Committed Resources For Your Enterprise Solutions

Mission critical enterprise solutions can greatly benefit from the deployment of XWEBHosting’s powerful Dedicated StingRay Load Balancer. A dedicated load balancing option offers all of the benefits of XWEBHosting load balancing, but also allows you to run several different licenses and ensures that a full set of resources are committed to your solutions at all times. Grow and scale at your own pace with ensured high performance and no fear of latency or bottlenecks with this dedicated hardware.